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The mission of Bhairav Food Store is to provide our clients premium spices with the highest standards like Coriander Cumin Powder, Pani Puri Masala Powder, Tea Masala Powder, Egg Masala Powder, Jaljeera Powder, etc. with safety and complete customer satisfaction.
About Us

We, Bhairav Food Store, are on a mission to provide fresh quality spices to every client. In 1990, we came into the business with our brand name Kashmiri Masala as a manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of Indian spices such as Butter Milk Powder, Chat Masala Powder, Reshampatti Chilli Powder, Jaljeera Powder, Chicken Dana Masala Powder, Tea Masala Powder, and many other fresh spices. Our team of professionals with extensive experience is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our clients in every way possible. Our quality control team pays close attention to the entire manufacturing process, from selecting high-quality raw materials to cleaning, grinding, and packaging the spices. Bhairav Food Store aims to be recognized as a genuine, quality-driven manufacturer of a diverse range of spices.

Our Team

A team is a crucial part of any organization. Fortunately, we have a team of experts who hold expertise in their respective operational areas. Our team includes the quality control experts, production experts, R&D experts, engineers, accountants, administration staff, etc. which assist us in the production of our quality products. We are proud to have such talented, qualified and passionate professionals in our firm.

Quality Control

We are a client-centric company. So we ensure that all of our products get delivered in the best condition to all of our clients. All of the food spices we produce, such as Jaljeera Powder, Chicken Dana Masala Powder, Butter Milk Powder, Chat Masala Powder, Reshampatti Chilli Powder, Tea Masala Powder, etc., are guaranteed to meet all quality standards. We use the best raw materials to make the best spices for our customers at a reasonable price. Since we manufacture edible products, our quality control ensures that our hygiene level is never compromised and that our manufacturing process is never out of date.

Why Us?

As a leading manufacturer of spices, Bairav Food Store follows several industry norms that assist in maintaining the quality and being in demand by our clients. With our extensive network, we have built a large customer base. Our quality-oriented approach and customer-centric thought have helped in providing complete customer satisfaction to our clients. Some of the reasons that make us preferred choice:

  • Purity guaranteed
  • Experienced Staff
  • Long-term expertise
  • Premium taste
  • Quality manufacturing process
  • Classy packaging
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Authentic taste
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